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Ningbo Roni Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a professional China Hair Care Products Suppliers and OEM/ODM Hair Care Products company, focusing on the field of skin care, integrating product technology development, manufacturing and marketing and promotion,is a company dedicated to providing skin care products for all age groups and people. Founded in 2017, our company is located close to the world famous Hangzhou Bay Cross-Sea Bridge, 1 50KM from Shanghai, 80KM from Hangzhou, and less than two hours from Ningbo Port, which is very convenient for transportation by land, sea and air.

As a leading OBM factory, our main products are face care, body care, hand and foot care, hair care, men's care, etc. Roni has 3250 square meters of GMP standard production plant, as well as supporting related emulsification equipment, secondary reverse osmosis pure water device, 100,000 class clean production workshop, high efficiency air purification central air conditioning system, water, cream and lotion production and filling workshop, etc. The annual output can reach 12 million bottles. The company has a product development department, laboratory, marketing department, purchasing department, production department, quality inspection department, GMP clean production workshop, warehouse, etc. We provide one-stop service from research and development, raw materials, production and transportation to keep every gate of the products!

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We have skincare, body, wellbeing products and amazing frangrance range. All made with love in China.

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Introduce of Hair Care:
Hair care products are products that are used to clean, style, and care for the hair. There are many different types of hair care products, including shampoos, conditioners,and treatments.
Shampoo is a hair care product that is used to clean the hair and scalp. It removes dirt, oil, and styling product buildup from the hair. Conditioner is a hair care product that is used to moisturize and detangle the hair. It can help to make the hair softer, smoother, and easier to manage.
Ningbo Roni Biotechnology Co., Ltd is a facility where hair care products are produced for commercial sale. These products can include shampoos, conditioners, and treatments for the hair.
In the hair care products factory, raw materials and ingredients are mixed together and packaged into containers for distribution to stores and other retail outlets. The production process may involve mixing, filling, and sealing the hair care products, as well as labeling and packaging them for shipment. Quality control measures are usually in place to ensure that the products are made to a high standard and are safe for use.
Hair care products are used by many people to clean, style, and care for their hair. They are available in a wide range of formulations, including those that are targeted towards specific hair types or concerns, such as dry or damaged hair. Ningbo Roni Biotechnology Co., Ltd will produce a variety of different products to meet the needs of its customers.

Production of Hair Care:
Hair care refers to the various products and practices that are used to clean, condition, style, and maintain the health and appearance of the hair. Hair care products can include things like shampoos, conditioners, hair oils, hair masks, and styling products, and hair care practices can include things like washing, drying, styling, and coloring.
The production of hair care products involves a number of steps, including:
Recipe development: This involves creating the formulation for the product, taking into account the desired ingredients, consistency, and performance.
Raw materials sourcing: This involves acquiring the various raw materials that will be used in the production of the product, such as oils, extracts, and active ingredients.
Manufacturing: This involves using various tools and equipment to mix the raw materials together and create the finished product. This can include processes such as heating, cooling, and blending.
Packaging: This involves putting the finished product into containers or packaging materials, such as bottles, tubes, or jars.
Testing and quality control: This involves ensuring that the product meets all relevant safety and performance standards before it is shipped to customers.
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